Sunday, March 16, 2008

English Major

It's hard to understand why I would want to write for fun after I just spent literally the entire day writing 10 pages of essays because I had to, but whatever. I'm just slightly behind the schedule I set for myself for finals (you know, the one where I'm completely done tomorrow and that way I can do whatever I want tomorrow night, pack/work Tuesday and leave Wednesday morning after work). I'm pretty proud of myself. I am not, however, proud of my stupid computer. It keeps making this really obnoxious fan noise, like all the time. I think it gets too hot and then this fan turns on (which is really really loud and distracting) and then I have to turn off my computer for like 10 minutes to let it cool down, so it can work for like 10 more minutes without making the sound. It's really frustrating during a time like finals when I'm already stressed out. Not to self: take computer in to get it looked at over glorious glorious spring break in the homeland!
So, my little sis, Leslie, comes back from her quarter abroad in Italy today. And, I get to see her tomorrow! I'm so excited! She is one of my favorite people and I've missed *my computer just started the fan noise again* her so much for the past three months!
Anyway, now I'm off to bed so I can wake up at 6:30am to go babysit Claire and Joe, take them to school, come home, eat breakfast (quickly) and then go babysit Abbey for 4 hours. Sounds like an awesome morning to me. And, if you think that's great, afterwards I get to edit my finals for a few hours until they're up to my standards, shower, turn them in, and then have a little chat about my status with my significant other, or ex significant other, or whatever. Sweet dreams.

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