Saturday, December 12, 2009

1L advice for over achievers

I am going to give everyone a little piece of advice, which I know most of you probably won't take. If you're thinking of going to law school because "it sounds like a good idea" or "being a lawyer will make me rich" or "it's better than not going to law school" it's NOT. Don't do it. I know everyone says that, but there is a REASON everyone says that.

I'll admit that most of the time it's not that bad, if you don't mind doing tons of reading and not really having a social life (although I've managed to get my shit done most of the time and spend friday nights or saturdays with friends). The classes are sometimes terrible, I don't think anyone enjoys Socratic method - it's never fun to get called out in front of your peers and not have an answer - and the reading is usually long and tedious. However, it wasn't until finals that I realized how terrible law school really is. Anxiety, sadness and the feeling of inadequacy have set in, for almost everyone (I think).

If after this spiel you think I'm crazy and law school still sounds like a good idea for one of your terrible "reasons" then take the LSAT. If you find that at all terrible, you're only getting a glimpse of what the next three years of your life will be like (I would a million times rather take the LSAT than a law school final - at least you know what to expect from the LSAT and you have adequate time to prepare). If, however, you loved the LSAT experience then maybe you are headed in the right direction....

good luck young children, make good choices.

P.S. Being a lawyer had better be AWESOME... but from what I've heard it's really not... FML.

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