Tuesday, May 24, 2011

blogging from work: day 2

Hi friends! I'm at work right now being a semi-bad/irresponsible employee.

oh hi, it's me!
But that's not your problem so let's just get past that and let me tell you about my day. I'm here on the Umatilla reservation, working in the Tribal Governance center. It's a really nice/new/pretty building. I'm in a cubical, in the corner on the 2nd floor. Who would have ever thought I'd be working in a cubical? Not me! Do you all work in cubicals? I'm not sure what all the people in the other cubicals around me do (one lady is the person who set up my trailer park housing, one is the office manager and I'm next to the DECD Director's office - but I don't know what that means haha he is really nice and helpful though, so basically we're besties). My cubical is fine and nicer than the cubicals on Office Space, and clearly it's not too busy, because I can get away with blogging at work. However, it is like a freaking igloo in this building. Who needs the AC on when it's 50 degrees and raining outside? Confused. And cold!

This morning I got off to a busy start (after I got here and registered for classes, that is - but the registration period was really frustrating because even as a 3L I couldn't get into ANY classes, well actually I got into 2, but that was all, WTF). The first thing I did this morning was look up some Oregon law and then draft my Oregon Health Care Directive Template. I'm super jealous of all the Washington interns who already had all their documents pre-drafted and ready to go. But I guess it's good I had something to keep me busy. Next I changed some language in the template Washington Indian will I have in order to make sure it comples with Oregon laws and statues. Blah blah blah, I know! My life is so technical and almost boring! Ha! But it is a nice change from school.

After doing a few hours of real work I took a break to read some blogs b/c I've been slacking and eat this snack (nom):

I found this snack at the wal mart super center in Pendleton last night and it was tasty. Cheese, pretzels and apple slices = awesome!

After my mini-break I had a gentleman come and talk to me about getting his will drafted. He set up an appointment with me for tomorrow morning, bright and early at 7:30am. But of course, my first client can't be an easy one. He informed me that he isn't sure if he is married or not. He is not with his woman friend, so I'm not sure if it is an issue of whether or not they were ever married or whether or not they ever got divorced? Maybe both? Also he doesn't have his IIM or trust land information. I guess tomorrow will be a good exercise? Gotta look at things from the positive side of the fence, right?

I also had a woman come and talk to me yesterday about getting her will re-drafted because her husband had walked out on her and her kids about a month ago and she hadn't heard from him since. She isn't yet divorced and hasn't yet gone through custody proceedings. Sticky stuff. Her issues are complicated - and not just from my point of view I'm sure. I wished for an easy first will when I was going through my training, but unfortunately that's probably not going to happen. I am super thankful that I have such a great supervising attorney though. He always answers my million e-mails right away and so far has provided me with good, helpful answers. I definitely appreciate it and I don't know what I would do without his advice. Too bad he's all the way back in Seattle.

Or is it too bad? If I had a supervisor here I probably wouldn't be blogging from work. But since I'm basically my own boss and I basically do what I want (no rulez when you set up your own mini summer practice on the rez, right?), I have some freedom to do things in the most comfortable way for me. Minus turn down the air conditioning, and the really inappropriate office music. I think those are both stuck. Bummer.

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Abby said...

Wow, sounds like you are already up to important stuff. Good luck with the clients, sounds interesting!

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