Thursday, May 26, 2011

day three and the drive to Seattle

Yesterday was my third day of work. I had my very first client meeting at 7:30am with an older gentleman who loves to tell stories. I learned so much about his family and his life and his reasons for leaving his things to certain people. On my 2nd day I wished for an easy first client and that wish basically came true.

On Tuesday afternoon to end my work day I went into Pendleton and met with the old supervising attorney in order to get some unfinished wills and things from her. She was super nice and helpful and after an hour or two of going through boxes of old wills I found my first client's first will (thanks the BBY). That definitely made me life a lot easier (I basically had a template to go off of, as well as old correspondence and all of his IIM and ITI reports - awesome, right?). I was worried about meeting with him because the first time I met him he informed me that he wasn't sure whether or not he was married (whattt?). After reviewing his file I discovered that he was in fact still married but hadn't seen or talked to his wife for over 20 years. Talk about living separate and apart. Sheesh! Our client interview meeting was over two hours long, but I got everything I needed out of him before he had to leave to go back home.

One of the interesting things about meeting with a lot of the clients on the reservation is that they don't have phones (let alone e-mail, that's just not happening). It's so crazy for me to think about. I guess when you live in an extremely small community you don't need a phone for communication because everyone knows where you live and knows your whereabouts at all times. I, on the other hand, don't know these things so it makes my life kind of difficult, but it'll be ok.

I wonder if this means that everyone knows that I fell SO hard on my run the other day along the one main road running through the reservation (right by the BIA office)? It was so embarrassing, I fell so hard I tumbled across the sidewalk. Ouch, my ego hurts.

Although a lot of my clients don't have phones, I finally got my work phone hooked up yesterday! I have my very own phone that rings to my cubical - how exciting, right? That was big girl thing #1 for the day. Big girl thing #2 was this:

YAY! Anyway, yesterday afternoon I totally had a sneak attack client. It was an older man and his son (don't worry, supervisor, I talked to the older man alone about whether or not anyone was "pressuring him into making a will." I'm on top of that ish!).

And with this sneak attack client came my first work mistake. BOO! I totally semi-mis-advised him and today I had to call and remedy the situation (oh I couldn't call him, but instead had to call his son's phone and have his father call me back a few hours later - I told you, NO ONE has phones out there). I definitely felt awkward about it, but both the father and the son were really nice about the situation. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again. But like my supervisor said, it's not the end of the world and we all make mistakes!

After I got off work I grabbed my things from my trailer and headed for Seattle (yay)! I was so so excited. The drive totally wasn't terrible and I was stoked that I had made it to the pass in only about 3 1/2 hours. AND then just as things were moving along nicely, this:

What?! Completely stopped in traffic. Luckily I had seen a sign with an AM radio station listed so I switched to 16something AM and found out that traffic was being stopped from 7-8pm for rock blasting. It was 7:08pm. FML. I sat there for an entire hour before we finally started to move again.

When I got back to Seattle I stopped by my house to drop my things then headed to Dustin's for some delish dinner (thanks, you!).

I've never been so excited to be back in Seattle (at my nice, clean, awesome home). Even my hair is excited:

it's being all perfectly naturally wavy and thingz. Winning.

Anyway, I have been working on some wills from my desk in my room in Seattle today and I'm happy about my work space. Oh and I've been drinking Seattle water from my Britta which I am also SO happy about - Pendleton desert water is yuk! Over it! Ha.

Later I'm planning on making some panzanella salad, meat and this cookie dough dip. I'm pretty excited about it. I hope everything turns out as tasty as I'm imagining it will be.

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Abby said...

Sounds like your job is super interesting! I cannot believe you sat in the car for an hour! I would've gone crazy!!

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