Friday, June 24, 2011

some things from yesterday

I went here for lunch:
(Paseo = the MOST delicious Cuban sandwich place ever, like seriously, if you're ever in Seattle you NEED to go. Call me and I will take you. It's that good. It's unmarked and it's on Freemont Ave or Way or something, before you actually get to the main part Fremont. More in Wallingford. But it's so delicious = moral of the story)

And I ate this 
(the Cuban Roast = roasted pig and cilantro and sauce and lettuce and grilled onions and jalapenos and delicious bread and ohhhh its so glorious. I could eat only that forever)

The I did some work. 

Then I did some shopping. 
And I got this ring (which I think is really cool) and this fingernail polish which is really more of an orangie pinkish color. It's nice. Even my boyfriend liked it (I consider that a win). Also the Sally Hansen complete salon maincure nail polish is the shiz (that's what I used for my fingerz). It's really really shiny and that makes me happy. Also it goes on well which is nice:

Ok there were some highlites of my day yesterday. Other highlites include drinking two glasses of wine and passing out on Dustin's couch last night = not making it to Earl's for Erin's birthday fun. Yeah I know, I'm really disappointed in myself. I LOVE Earl's on the Ave. If you're ever in Seattle you should go there too. You'll get drunk. And it's really classy. Ha. Also I drank coffee from Zoka and did work. And I made overnight oats for the first time and had them for breakfast this morning (1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, big spoonfull of cocoa powder, stir together, put in fridge, take out the next morning, stir in PB and eat = yum). Ok now I'm just rambling so I really should get back to work before it's time to go to lunch with Erin! XXOO lovelies!

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