Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trivia Night at the Chieftain

Last night I put off reading for two hours and went to the first ever trivia night at the Chieftain Pub some some other 3L friends. We were all really excited when this bar opened a few weeks ago, because, wait for it… it’s right across the street from the Law School!! How convenient, right? Also it is owned by the same people who own one of our favorite UW college bars, Finn MacCool’s.

Here is our team:


Team name: “The eyes are the nipples of the face” (John came up with that one with inspiration from the movie “House Bunny”.. haha)

Our team, starting from left to right: Erin (Forrest’s GF and the only non-3L), Ameet, John, Susan, Nicole, Sister Erin, ME & Forrest.

Right? We got really into trivia. And we KILLED IT! So much so that we were the winners of the first ever trivia night at the Chieftain. What an honor, right? Ha!

Here is all of us (minus Ameet) with the trivia host, Simon Green (I know that because the first trivia question (which we nailed) was: what is your trivia host’s name?).


(again, Erin, John, Susan, Nicole, Sister Erin (my roommie), Me, Forrest & Simon Green)

I decided that putting off reading for a few hours was a good idea after leaving the school BBQ yesterday. I got out of my clinic at around 5:30 yesterday evening and headed out to the commons for some free law school BBQ food. I found a few friends sitting outside and sat down with them to eat. When I was done with my food I sat there for another 15 minutes talking. Then I started to feel extremely guilty that I wasn’t doing homework. I was just sitting there wasting time, not reading. It was a severe case of the law school guilt, on the second day of school. It was ridiculous.

I proceeded to hurry home, read for about an hour, take a facebook break and see Erin’s status about trivia. I immediately replied and joined them there. I had this epiphany that I shouldn’t be feeling bad for taking short breaks on the second day of law school., I shouldn’t feel bad for taking short breaks ever. Law school needs to be more about balance. I need to find a way to get past the life-crushing law-school-guilt!

So I took a two hour break, went to trivia, enjoyed myself, came home, read for another 2 hours, went to bed, woke up this morning, read for another hour and went to class more prepared than most people. It totally wasn’t a big deal. And now I can say that I was part of the team who won the first ever Trivia Night at the Chieftain! Team: “the eyes are the nipples of the face!” Hooray!

New life motto: work hard, play hard.

Now off to Intellectual Property, then meeting Brittan and Natalie for dinner/pizza at Piecora’s. Which is seriously amazing! Especially when you’re eating there with two of your very favorite law school ladies! Mmm!


Legally Lovely said...

Oh, Trivia looks like so much fun! I am glad that you are finding time for fun too! Congratulations on being the big winners!! :) Did you win a cool prize?

Lawfrog said...

It is SO important to take those breaks and trivia looks like a blast! I love trivia games and it's awesome you all were able to connect and have a great time.

Lawfrog said...

P.S. - I sent you an e-mail just now. I just had to connect with another Pacific Northwestern girl :)

Eva said...

ah, school guilt. i actually need more of it! i seem to have zero motivation for my course right now.

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