Friday, March 2, 2012

Native American Food & Fancy Hair

Recently something wonderful happened: a Native American food truck called “off the rez” opened in Seattle!! It changes locations depending on the day and time, but yesterday it was parked in Wallingford near my house. Obviously I text Dustin to ask if that’s what he wanted to have for “date night” dinner (I had also rented “the Rum Diaries” from the RedBox – we had been trying to rent it for a few weeks but every time we checked it was gone so when I saw it yesterday before class I picked it up) – I figured take out and a movie sounded like the perfect date night after a stressful week. He agreed, so I picked us up some food and headed over to his place.

off the rez

The food was amazing. We had fry bread tacos (pork and chicken), which were like really good regular Mexican tacos, but on fry bread instead of tortillas. Along with that Dustin had a plain fry bread and I had one with Nutella (OMG just thinking about it…) on it. SO good. And I’m not even just saying that because it’s the food of my Native American PEOPLE! I promise. Dustin liked it too and he’s super white ;)

I can’t wait to eat at the truck again soon. If you’re a Seattle resident I highly recommend you check it out.

After inhaling my food (no pictures, too busy eating and YUMMMing), we watched the Rum Diaries which wasn’t what I was expecting. Which led to me being mildly bored during parts – I think because I was expecting more of a comedy and I kept waiting for the comedy, but it never came – but reflecting back, it was pretty entertaining. Have you guys seen it? What did you think?

Overall though, last night = another date night success!

This morning I decided to get all fancy for work. Not really fancy. More like I saw some easy looking braided hair style on pinterest (yeah that’s right, I was so bored in class yesterday I was actually looking at the pinterest website – even though I usually just use pinterest as a pretty bookmark page for all my recipes and things) and I wanted to try it, so I braided and twisted and this is what happened in about 5 minutes:


To do this I just parted my hair into thirds in the back and made three low braids. I then rolled the middle braid into a bun and secured it with bobby pins before making the other two into buns, securing them with more pins and tucking their ends under the first one (on the bottom). Then I pinned my bangs (can I even call them that anymore? They’re pretty grown out) back and called it good. Fancy pants, right? And totally simple.

Anyway that has been the last 24 hours for me. Now I’m home from work and planning on doing some homework for the rest of the afternoon then hopefully relaxing a little later (a glass of wine or a beer sounds really delicious). I think it will be another low key night because I have class all morning tomorrow – but on the bright side, it’s my last Saturday class and if I can manage to show up (on time) tomorrow, I’ll have successfully completed 1 credit this semester. Yay!

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday and I hope that you have a few fun plans for the weekend. Cheers!

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Legally Lovely said...

You and Dustin always seem like such a chill couple. I love that! I want to double date, so maybe you two should come to Ohio/Ky sometime. I was AMAZED by your hair yesterday because I couldn't tell that it was three braids in buns. I thought you had woven it together or something! Makes much more sense now. I am going to try it!

Have a good weekend.

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