Friday, August 15, 2014


This week I got a chance to go to an event I never thought I’d go to. On Tuesday night I attended WWE Smackdown! Ok, maybe “I never thought I’d go” is a little bit of an exaggeration considering Dustin was a #totesprofesh wrestler before we started dating him (no lies) and he still loves to watch it, but aside from with him, I never envisioned going to a live wrestling event. I went in with relatively low expectations as someone who watched wrestling growing up but isn’t a huge fan in general, but you guys, this thing blew my mind. This was probably the most entertaining live show I’ve ever seen.

photo 1

We had really great seats. There were 6 rows of floor/ringside seats and we were the first row of raised seats. We were also directly across the ring from the camera so if you are watching Smackdown on the the Syfy channel at 8pm pacific time tonight, you’ll see me pretty much the whole show.

photo 4^^Hey, there I am on WWE live Instagramming (thanks to Dustin for the photo of his TV) ^^

The show was at the Key Arena in Seattle, and it was pretty full of people, however, since it was being filmed for live TV they pulled people from the non-filmed side of the arena and filled up the side that would be on camera. They even went so far as to put people in our seats when we got up to go to the restroom mid way through the show so there wouldn’t be empty seats ever. Pretty clever.

photo 2

Some of the wrestlers were better at making it look really legit than others, but overall, all the matches were entertaining. I found myself rooting for the “bad guys” for most of the show which kind of surprised me. And at one point (SPOILER ALERT) there was an interview between two wrestlers and the “good guy” punched the “bad guy” in the face and even though I liked the bad guy more, it was awesome. And it was definitely a real punch (which they replayed about a million times), which was a little crazy.

photo 3

After wrestling, Dustin and I went to Pesos and I ate shrimp tostadas and drank a margarita and life was good. I would totally recommend going to a WWE show if you ever get the chance, it was so much fun.    


Andrew-L'autre said...

Neat! Sounds as though you had a good time. It's always interesting to go to events that you didn't think you'd ever attend.

Legally Lovely said...

This. is. awesome.

Also, Dustin was a profesh wrestler?! That is really cool. Dustin, I know you have to read these things, right? That's awesome.

I have never watched WWE, unless I'm flipping through channels and pause on it for a while, but this looks like an entertaining evening. Plus, and night that ends in Mexican food and margs is pretty much a winner in my book, so YAY #dusteka for winning date night.

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