Friday, June 20, 2014

a little game called catch-up

Wow, well, it's been a minute hasn't it? Obviously a lot of things have happened between Easter and the end of June (wow, it's already the end of June, yikes!). I recently got a new job. Well, it was kind of the same job I was already doing, but I moved from a vendor role into an FTE role at Microsoft. I have more ownership over what I do, more pay, better benefits, and life is good. I feel like I've finally started my career (hooray for in-house legal, am I right?!) and I can finally feel settled here at Microsoft and in Seattle more generally. A few weeks before I got my FTE job, Dustin also moved from a vendor to an FTE role also at Microsoft. He's a security program manager now and life is good for him too. He's looking to buy a house these days. Meanwhile, I found a silverfish bug in my bathroom last night and freaked the F out. (side note: I learned that they either live in super dirty or super humid environments and feast on books and things. I promise you my house is not dirty, I'm way too uptight for that). I need to get a dehumidifier. Or an exterminator.

So between Easter and now I've been going and going between work and fun weekends. I went home to the Columbia River Gorge like, three times? Two of the times were back-to-back, the last weekend in May with Katie and Josh. We spent the weekend doing "yuppy" things like wine tasting and eating nice dinners. We also went to Spring Fest, which is White Salmon's little yearly festival thing, because Katie's mom was running the beer garden. The first weekend in June I went to celebrate Marissa's birthday (and Launa's birthday on Friday night, too) and dance to a prince cover band at the Purple Prince Party (that I forced the owner of the River City to throw). Then that Sunday I spent the afternoon laying by the river with Beth and friends, eating thai food from the most magical food cart ever and drinking a Rainier to ease my hangover.

^^the view from Aniche Cellars^^

 ^^Me, Beth and Brother Jim at Henni's before the purple party^^
The other time I went to the home-land I stayed for a long weekend. I had a dentist appointment, snuggled with my Fluffy cat, went on a walk around Hood River with beers and Gaby (you can do that in Hood River thanks to a lack of open container laws) and on Sunday Beth and I went to Portland for the Food Truck Round-Up and for drinks at a hip bar and for some shopping at Target.
Over Memorial Day weekend, Art, Amy, Dustin and I met Katie and Josh at Josh's family's property in Brinnon, WA, which is on the Hood Canal, in the Puget Sound. We spent three days camping and going to the tiny town's Shrimp Festival, and looking at waterfalls, and watching bald eagles. There was also an incident involving the fire that I don't want to get too into, but I came out alive, albeit missing some of my hair. Luckily Dustin still has his hand. RIP hair. Minus "the incident," the weekend was extra relaxing because I was able to take Friday off too due to the fact that I was transitioning between jobs. Tuesday after the long weekend I did my new employee orientation and I hit the ground running with the new job after that. Oh, and our team recently added another vendor to support my coworker and I. It's Justin, who I went to law school with and who dates my good friend Brittan, so that's been fun. We're office roomies for now. Party time (kind of, but not really, ha;).  
^^Dustin and I at a waterfall in Dosiewallaps State Park #selfie^^

^^Our weekend camping view^^
Last week I ate Mexican food (with the Mexican food club:) on the patio at Little Water Cantina, overlooking Lake Union. Their chips and guacamole and their margaritas are fantastic. Go, you'll love it. And then last weekend Art, Amy, Dustin and I had snacks and drinks on the patio at Westward (which I've been dying to try). The atmosphere was awesome and the view was super Seattle-esque. We spent the rest of the night playing darts and shuffleboard at Bravehorse in South Lake Union.
So yes, I think that kind of catches us up.
Work is busy for my team lately. It's the end of Microsoft's fiscal year which means that more contracts are expiring than usual and they all need to be renewed. I'm taking an extra day off for the 4th of July weekend, though, and I'm really excited to have a whole 4 days off. The 4th of July is hands down, my favorite holiday and I, as always, am really looking forward to it. Bring on summer! 


Jessica Marie said...

Welcome back! And congrats on the promotion! :) I'm still looking for work in Michigan. I applied for a summer job where I'm currently living: tutoring. I said I need experience for an upcoming project I'll be relocating for. I hope to get it and then get a house through Write A House.

Andrew-L'autre said...

Great update! I'm delighted to read that things have been going well for you (and Dustin). :)

SummerBreeze said...

Welcome back!! I have missed you! Congrats on the new job!

I'm still looking for my white whale of "job I don't hate," but I'm hoping it's on the horizon!

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