Wednesday, May 18, 2011

work is the hardest

Hi friendz! This week I've been doing training for my summer job (estate planning for tribal members on the Umatilla Reservation). It has been a rough week (ha). I train from 9:30-4:30 with catered breakfast and lunch, and today we got snacks too (mixed nuts + coffee = yes). Then after work I occasionally have homework (Ex: today I had a write up a fake Indian will for a fake person = one step closer to real lawyer things) but mostly I just drink happy hour margaritas with my friends. I think I've probably gained some weight this week haha.

While this week hasn't been super difficult, I have been extremely tired all week. Training is a weird change from school. You have to pay attention for longer periods of time and well, I guess that's about it. But still. It's a change from my usual school routine and one that apparently makes me tired. So there, I said it.

I am really excited to start my new job in Umatilla on Monday (at 8am, whoop). I think that the experience will be super rewarding, and I'm really looking forward to meeting the clients and getting to know people on the reservation. Every day in training I get more and more excited to be doing real lawyer things this summer. And not just real lawyer things, but real lawyer things with Indians. It's going to be awesome!

I plan on blogging about my whole experience (hopefully at the end of every day I'm there - a few days a week I can draft from wherever, so I can't promise anything super exciting those days) and I want to write a more detailed overview post, but right now I'm way too tired, so that will have to wait for another day! And hopefully Sunday night I will have some pictures of my new home - in the trailer park on the rez! Whoop. So fancy. So maybe everything will come together in a more meaningful way Sunday. We'll see.

This is the rest of my week: tomorrow I have training, then I pack, then late tomorrow night I pick Dustin up from the airport (work trip = so standard, excited to see him again = even more standard). Friday I have my last day (it's only a 1/2 day) of training, then I head for "home" to visit the fam, and my friends, and fluffy face before heading to the Umatilla Reservation on Sunday. Busy busy.

But now it's time to get some sleep, which I have been craving all week, and totally deserve because of all of my really hard work (duhh). Goodnight lovelies!


Legally Lovely said...

I'm happy that you're so excited about your job! That really does sound like it would be rewarding. Also, can I tell you how jealous I am that you live out west? I guess I have this mental image of it being really pretty out wherever you are. Am I right? :)

Have fun with Dustin and try to get some sleep before you start your big week!

Abby said...

This sounds like the neatest experience. I am looking forward to your posts about it!!

Rebeka said...

it is definitely beautiful out here! more so in Seattle than in the eastern parts of Oregon and Washington, but it is definitely pretty in a different way!

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