Tuesday, June 7, 2011

endorphins & flyers & bad coffee

Yesterday after work I just felt so tired. I took an almost accidental nap on my couch before finally getting up to post some fliers around the rez. I went to the health center and the senior center, where the director told me that she would pass out 40flyers on Wednesday if I brought her that many today. Score! Done, and done!

After finding that out I decided to head back to the trailer, change into my workout clothes and hit the gym. I worked out for a little over an hour before heading back home. I was going to go to Safeway on the way back but honestly wasn't feeling it. I came home and it was still pretty early and still really nice outside. So I decided to go for a walk (sans cell phone and music - I felt like I needed to be disconnected) down to the end of the sidewalk and back (about 2 miles). It felt really nice. After that I came home, put on some "pump up music" and stretched, took a shower and finally felt motivated to go to Safeway for some groceries (I think I could tell I was going to be hungry soon).

I did my grocery shopping, got a movie from the RedBox, came home, cooked myself dinner and watched "The Dilemma" which was actually pretty funny.

It was one of the better nights I've had here. I think the workout endorphins are much needed on these lonely trailer park nights. I'm definitely glad I joined the gym.

Today I actually have not one, but TWO client meetings scheduled (score)! Maybe two and a half if you count the 2 minute meeting I had with my very first client this morning when he came to pick up his draft documents. I'm actually feeling a tiny bit important today. Almost. Ha!

A while after getting to work this morning I printed out flyers and drove down to the Senior Center. After I dropped them off, I decided that since it was already 65degrees at 9am and I didn't have a meeting until 11, it would be nice to drive into Pendleton with the windows down to get a coffee (the coffee they have here at the Governance center is seriously the worst, OMG, how do they drink it every day? Yuk). When I got to the Great Pacific Coffee place it was closed. What? Yeah, that's right, it doesn't open until TEN a.m.!! WHAT? What kind of a coffee shop is this? Seriously? As a girl who used to get up at like 4:30 to go to work at a coffee shop, AND a girl who has lived in Seattle for the last 6 years, I just really don't understand how you can have a coffee shop that doesn't open until 10a.m. Wouldn't you think they would get the bulk of their business before then? Whatever. Over you!

I then mapped another coffee shop on my iPhone (thanks favorite phone), and I was mildly disappointed when I figured out it was a drive-through. I decided I should just go through it since I had already driven out there. I got my latte & it was also mildly disappointing, but was only $2.80 (amazing) and then I headed back to work.

So now I'm waiting for my first actual client meeting of the day, with my new, short hair that I washed and left wavy today, and I'm actually fairly pleased with the results. It might be because of the new thickening shampoo & conditioner my mom gave me (thanks mom, for not wanting your thick hair to be any thicker and gifting me your expensive shampoo that you bought on accident, because I ALWAYS want my hair to be thicker and wavier and bigger).

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Abby said...

That's exciting that things are picking up at work! Getting my gym time in always makes me feel better ;)
OH and that coffee story is hilarious!

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