Wednesday, June 15, 2011

trailer park visitor! yay!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk debating whether or not I wanted to work late to finish up some documents with the hope that if I worked a longer day I would get to work a shorter day later in the week (I love making my own schedule), when I got a call from an unknown number. Much to my surprise it was my Aunt Anita (yay)! She asked when I got off work and said that she was in the Tri Cities and wanted to come visit me in my trailer (double yay). I was so SO excited! I immediately packed up my stuff (because at that point I was too excited to work, duh) and went home to do some dishes before she got there - my trailer is already trashy enough without dirty dishes in the sink haha.

When I pulled up to my trailer after work I found this:

Someone had knocked over the toilette in the front of my house. What? WHY would someone do that? Probably the same type of person who would put a toilette in front of a trailer in the first place, but that's neither here nor there. Confused, I propped it back upright.

I then did some dishes and found some bee's nests outside (one starting on my porch with bees working away on it, and not one, not two, but three in between my living room window and my screen - also complete with bees crawling in and out of it) boo! Stupid bees, get your own trailer!

But before I knew it my Aunt Anita showed up! Yay! We sat on my couch and chatted and she told me that my trailer was nicer than she expected (but I think she was probably just being nice haha). And then we took this lovely picture (where I look naked, I blame the strapless dress, I promise I was wearing clothes, especially since I had a visitor - I'm not that crazy):

and then it was time for her to head back to the Tri Cities to spend some QT (that's quality time, in case you didn't know) with her husband, Ray. After she left I went to the gym and got my swoll on (I DEF drank some muscle milk after - I judged myself, don't worry). Or maybe I should just say that I worked on my fitness, like Fergie. Or maybe I should just let it go and move on.

My Aunt Anita was my first [real] visitor to my little trailer and I loved it :) I seriously have the best family.

P.S. Hi Aunt Anita (she told me yesterday that she reads my blog and that's part of the reason she came to visit, because she 1. felt bad and 2. wanted to see for herself what my life in the trailer park was really like).

Also, after work today I'm headed back to Seattle for a night or two, and I'm so excited. I'm def going to give Dustin the hugest hug, because he totes deserves it. HUGE I'm telling you!


Abby said...

I totally thought you were nude in that pic, jk!
That's so sweet your aunt came to visit. OH and that is hilarious that you had a toilet in front of your trailer in the first place and THEN someone tipped it over! wtf?!

Ty said...

I like the tone of the pic, Rebeka

Andrew-L'autre said...

Agree with the above comments, and adding that I liked your little reference to Fergie. :D

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